Software upgrade and enhancements
We are pleased to announce that a full update of our server software was successfully accomplished on Sept. 13 2014. In addition or streamlining several server maintenance tasks and functionality, this update also provides improved Maintenance Tool features, including:

1. Tools – “New Resource “ : allows you to compare a potential new resource from the global or local resource list, and then provides a list of site-specific duplicate titles already activated in other packages by your site.

2. Keyword Index in the ERM / CRDB: you may now add index terms for keyword searching in your database list, and also searchable in the MAIN ERM search intake on the General tab of the Main ERM record.

3. Improved OpenURL linking: You will notice that you no longer need to select “Services” to activate OpenURL linking at different levels (e.g. fulltext, journal, table of contents, etc). Our link resolver is now automatically returning results at the most detailed possible, based on the data contained in the passed citation. It is no longer necessary to specify potential linking levels manually. This will streamline the process of activating local resources, in addition to improving the display of holdings.