Many men would like to know the secrets of how to attract a woman. The reality is that all men are capable of attracting a woman. She may not be the cover model of Victoria’s Secrets magazine, but there is someone for every man. After receiving responses from more than 100 participants, male and female, to a questionnaire on how to attract a woman, here are some common topics that are relevant.

Proper grooming is essential to attract a woman. Women want their men to be showered, with combed hair, clean, stylish clothes, with a subtle scent of cologne. Many men make the mistake of either not pouring with the resulting body odor or dumping a ton of cologne. Both will take out women. Remember that sometimes you only get one chance to make a good impression, so don’t blow it on something stupid like stink.

Focus your full attention on the woman you’re with as if she were the center of the universe and block out all other distractions. Make her feel special. Compliment her on her looks, dress, hair, or anything about her and mean it. It will make her day. Look her straight in the eye when she talks and avoid looking at other women. Women also find it offensive to have their eyes run over them. Eye-to-eye contact is important.

Manners are also important in attracting a woman. Many people think that chivalry is over, but I guarantee that women find a well-mannered man very sexy. Open doors, pull out chairs, get up when they enter the room. Be polite. When ordering food, say “please” and “thank you” to the server. Having manners also means listening carefully to what a woman has to say and responding to her opinion with respect.

Women also like to have an intelligent conversation with a man. Many find an interesting man sexy. Intelligence can come in the form of being a good listener. Ask about her interests, job, and hobbies, and pay attention to the details. This makes for a good conversation. Also, adding humor and flirting to the chat can spice things up. Women always remember someone who makes them laugh. And you can flirt by sending silent signals of your interest through subtle body language.

Be honest and sincere with a woman. Always be yourself. You don’t want a woman to be attracted to someone you are not! Be honest with her and don’t lie about things. Lying from the start only complicates things. Be completely honest from the beginning, and if she likes you, you’ll be fine. Remember, she wants you for who you are or not. Keeping promises is also important. If you say you’re going to call, do it. Do it if you say you will show up at a specific time. Don’t make empty promises you don’t intend to keep.

Confidence is an important factor in attracting a woman. Women can smell confidence from a mile away. They like men who are confident and confident in their character. It has something to do with the biological makeup that instinctively shows them that you can take care of their safety. Having calm self-confidence is different from having a big ego or being arrogant, repelling both women. Bragging and bragging, especially about your past triumphs with other women, is another big turn-off.

Finally, be proud of who you are, even if you’re different from other men. Emphasize your originality through your personality, intelligence and behavior. If you’re a little nerdy, don’t look that great, are shy, or whatever, don’t pretend to be anyone but yourself. Amazingly, there are a lot of guys who don’t look that great but have all kinds of attractive women interested in them. So don’t give up on finding the woman you want; there is a woman for every man.